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XSG Series Revolving Flash Vaporization Drier
XSG Series Revolving Flash Vaporization Drier
It is our factory on the basis of introducing, absorbing ¡­¡­
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    It is our factory on the basis of introducing, absorbing foreign advanced technology that XSG series rotate and flash to steam the desiccator, new-type dry equipment succeeded in developing by oneself . This machine modern techniques, the design is rational , the structure is compact, suitable and in extensive range, production capacity is big, the products are of high quality, with high efficiency, energy-conservation is dry and crushing, sieving disposable completion in a piece of equipment, dispelling the environmental pollution, the performance of the complete machine reaches the advanced technology of the world.

    The hot air is managed with suitable gushing out the speed of moving and entering and mixing and crushing the dry room from the desiccator bottom by the entry, strong shear, blowing floating, function not rotatory of to supplies produce,then supplies the at odds with the community or the leadership, shear, not collide, rub but dividend particle, have strengthened and spread the quality and conducted heat. In desiccator bottom, heavy wetter particle group broken machinery have under function of agitator, the wet content is lower, the particle and one degree of smaller particles are rotated the air current and carried secretly and risen, it is dry further in the course of rising. Because angry firm two phase rotates to flow, firm looks inertia is greater than the gaseous phase, alternate relative speed two of firm air is relatively large, strengthen two alternate biography qualities and conduct heat, so this machine produces the intensity high.

¡ñ Many kinds of reinforced device is it choose to support, feed in raw material in succession steady, course can produce phenomenon of bridging.
¡ñ Set up the special cooling device in the desiccator bottom, has prevented the supplies from producing the rotten phenomenon in the high-temperature district of the bottom.
¡ñ Special atmospheric pressure seal installation and bearing cool the device, the service life of the running part of effective extension.
¡ñ Special points of wind device, has reduced the obstruction of the equipment, and has offered the wind amount of treatment of the desicator effectively.
¡ñ Dry room equip with hierarchical ring and swirl slice, supplies detailed degree and end moisture content adjustable. (Such as calcium carbonate end but from regulator to moisture content. 1%)
¡ñ As to other dry methods , can increase the proportion of the supplies effectively.
¡ñ It is high to the angry speed in week in the dry room, the time of staying of supplies is short, prevent the supplies from glueing the temperature sensing closedly linked fortifications surround the capital rotten phenomenon of supplies effectively, reach high-efficient , fast , little equipment, great production.

¡ñ Inorganic: boric acid, calcium carbonate, caustic, copper sulphate, iron oxide rust, carbonic acid barium, oxidizing the antimony three times, various kinds of metal caustics, various kinds of heavy metal salt, formating the ice crystal, etc..
¡ñOrganic matter: Aunar draw Tianjin (agriculture chemical insecticide ), monthly the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region acid separate, benzoic acid, sour disinfecting red, oxalic acid sodium, acetic acid cellulose, etc. Styrax.
¡ñ Pottery: Kaolin , oxidizing silicon, clay two times.
¡ñ The dyestuffs: Anthracene quinone, black iron oxide rust, indigo pigment, butyric acid, hydrogen oxidize the titanium, sulphurate the zinc, various kinds of azo dyes intermedia .
¡ñ Food: Soybean albumen, glue congeal starch, distiller¡¯s grains , wheat candy, wheat starch . 

Model Inner diameter of barrel(mm) Air handling volume (m3/h) Evaporated capacity(kg/h) Equipped power (kw) Max. height (m) Occupied area (m)
XSG-2.5 250 500-800 23-800 9.55 4.0 15
XSG-4 400 1150-2300 58-730 21.4 4.6 27
XSG-6 600 2500-5100 130-163 34.2 5.5 39
XSG-8 800 4500-9000 238-297 63.5 6.0 40
XSG-10 1000 7000-135000 345-430 68 6.5 55
XSG-12 1200 10000-20000 515-645 94 6.8 62
XSG-14 1400 16600-28000 730-910 130 7.0 89
XSG-16 1600 18000-38100 962-1203 160 7.2 160
V mixer series of products for efficient asymmetric V-mixer, it applies to chemical, food, medicine, feed, ceramics, powder metallurgy and other industries or granule-like material mixed. V mixer reasonable structure, simple operation closed, easy access to materials, (manual or vacuum feeding) tube made ​​of stainless steel for easy cleaning, is one of the enterprise infrastructure. V mixer unique structure, mixing, high efficiency, no accumulation of material. The whole structure is simple, easy to operate. The outer surface and material contact parts are high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, maintenance, easy to clean.
Mixing equipment is often called the agitator (or stirred tank), when the mixing device, when used as a reactor, also known as the stirred tank reactor, sometimes referred to as the reactor. Kettle body structure type is usually vertical cylindrical, its height to diameter ratio of the operation is mainly based on liquid containers and the loading height to diameter ratio coefficient size. The container loading liquid height to diameter ratio and nature of the materials as container, mixing characteristics and blender layers vary, generally take 1 to 1.3, maximum up to 6. Kettle at the end of the shape of flat, oval bottom, cone bottom, etc. and sometimes also with a square kettle. Meanwhile, according to the process of heat transfer requirements, kettle jacket can be added in vitro, and through the steam, cooling water and other heat-carrying medium; when insufficient heat transfer area, but also within the body set up in the reactor coil and so on.
Drying machine is electric power, diesel power, wind, combustible force of heated air used to generate power, transported to through around, and then to the appropriate temperature dehumidification process. 1, dry strength, due to highly dispersed material in the air, particles of all effective surface area of ​​active dry. 2, 3 drying time is short, simple structure, air dryer, small footprint, easy construction and maintenance. 4, large capacity, high thermal efficiency. When combined with water, non-drying, the thermal efficiency of up to 60%. 5, the dryer to achieve a "zero thrust", greatly reducing the gear wheel wear, cylinder smooth and reliable operation; 6, drying machine, "self-aligning roller-type device", the roller and roll forever ring with linear contact, thus greatly reducing wear and power loss;
Ribbon blender blades to screw strip, the number of snails with two to three, to be installed in the center of the screw mixer, screw-type mixer with a spiral with a pitch diameter of the decision. Ribbon blender is usually operated in the laminar flow state for the high viscosity of the liquid and plastic fluid to be mixed.
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